Raymond Arnold Wills



 Ray is best known as the gypsy poet or the durzet baird. Author Poet and Editor of "Gypsy Storytellers" an anthology of work by Gypsies travellers and supporters, a publication by Francis Boutle publishers which raised funds for the work of Kushti Bok . Ray was for many decades a former Childrens play practitioner who entered the field of play leadership in the early sixties under the guidance of The National Playing Fields Association now known as Fields In Trust. He was responsible for the establishment and operation of numerous adventure playgrounds and play programmes throughout the cities, new towns and rural areas of the UK and involved in numerous campaigns and the establishment of play councils. In more recent years Ray has both established chaired and managed numerous community associations, community schemes, resident groups and represented his former home town Bournemouth at regional level. Working on community projects with the elderly disabled and socially deprived. He is at present working on a history of the local traveller community in the south of England and a history of childs play. Ray is qualified in project Management at degree level, senior youth work, support work /autism and childrens play. He is at present living with his wife Brenda in Michigan USA .


Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: xpresspublications; First Edition - October 2015 edition (2015)
Language: English

Cover Art - Dawn Jaenette Grant Harrison, Australia

ISBN-10: 9383770112
ISBN-13: 978-9383770113
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