Madhav Bhartia



  • Paperback: 414 pages
  • Publisher: xpresspublications; 
  • First Edition edition (2018)

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9383770309
  • ISBN-13: 978-9383770304
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 "The Legend of Shalivahan", A captivating story based in Ancient India - full of suspense and intrigue, and twists and turns at every corner - which will keep the readers hooked till the very end...

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 Excerpt from the Novel -


“There is something more though, which rankles me the most.”

 “What is it, my son?”

 “Why did he call me a bastard?”

The moment Menaka had been waiting for had arrived. She had herself decided to tell him the truth in a day or two; the truth which she had kept locked inside her bosom for twenty-seven years, but this question had forced it out of her heart.

“Because you are not his son.”

“What? What are you saying?” He was already recovering from the shock he had got in the palace; and this revelation jolted his very bones.

“Yes my dear child. You are not Kushaan's son.” Menaka was smiling benignly.

“Then who is my father? And why do you smile? How can you be so cruel?” The young boy was at his wit's end.


“Pranam Pradhanshri” He greeted Shatrujit while his eyes were transfixed on the lady.

“”Come Siddharthak. You seem to be hypnotized by Kampika. Well, it's nothing new; she has this effect on most male members of our species.”

“Kampika? So this is Kampika?” Siddharthak ejaculated.

“Why can't she be Kampika? Who were you expecting anyway?”

“No no, not that Pradhanshri. I mean to say that I have met her, I mean I have seen her.” He was out of his wits.

“You have seen her? Where?”

“In the marketplace. She also saw me, but before I could approach her, she vanished.”

“Why did you approach her?”




So taken aback was Shatrujit that he had a momentary lapse of concentration. This was enough for Arijit to turn around and kick him in the abdomen which caused him to stumble backwards and fall down. In the meanwhile Siddharthak had recovered, but he had barely stood up and drawn his sword, when Arijit who was a much superior warrior compared to him, turned around again, and pierced his sword through his abdomen.

Shatrujit was quickly on to his feet and had drawn his dagger; and as Arijit pulled out his sword, he grasped him from behind and put the dagger at his neck. Arijit knew that he stood no chance against the mighty Shatrujit and threw the sword to the ground. 


The Legend of Shalivahan is really a suspense thriller...go ahead and grab a copy won't be disappointed ...its a promise....