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Frequently Asked Questions?

National Exposure to you and your work
Advertising & Sales Promotion Of Your Book At Free of Cost
In addition to the Nationwide Anthology series released every year exclusively by us. We like to provide opportunity to all lovers of art to publish and actualize their own personalized ART Forms Collection through our website.

We help actualize the dream of publishing your works in a more cost effective and satisfying way.

Publishing with us make your work listed and  showcased before our  true and decent user base from all over India at our online English poetry websiite www.poetriesonline.com, hosting around 900 poems on various topics by both amateurs and professional writers.
We provide opportunity to sell your book directly through our website to the interested buyers within and outside our national poet’s community. The online advertising of your title will be done at free of cost through our websites.

Minimum No.of Copies
After supplying you with the required number of copies, we will keep your book for sale at our online book store. For every direct purchase from us you will get 20% on selling price fixed on the book which will be transferred to your account in every quarter. Please note we cannot guarantee the sale of your book.
For any work on literature minimum number of copies we print for you is 100 You can have any number of copies from us at your author price and the shipping charges for the book have to be incurred by you based on the weight and your location.
Our Printing & Quality Standards
Perfect bound & Paper Back
Cover Page
Cover Theme

Can be decided on mutual basis or else
You can select from our professional  CoverThemes Gallery by artists from all over India.

1. Additional Cover Quality
Thin plastic lamination for dirt proof and scratch proof.

2. Additional Cover Quality
A transparent plastic case wrapper for durability and to preserve edges from wear and tear and for a nice look and feel

Book Size
Normally A5 & A4 Size
Paper quality
Pure White Paper
Text color & font
Black white & Any legible font
Additional Illustrations & graphics
Additional multi color graphic illustration or inserts in between pages require additional charges.
The costing ?
About The content
Once agreed with the above mentioned quality standards the charges for your book will be based on no. of copies and no. of pages in your book and the type of binding you choose. Our printing is based on a minimum quantity (say in a bulk basis) and not on a print on demand (POD) basis i.e printing the required quantity as and when an order is placed by party from time to time. We charge entire amount initially from the author for the required number of copies at authors discount price.

Shipping Charges - additional

Content are the personal property of the user and we love to preserve the individuality of this. The things we really care about your work is as below


  • We are not liable for any copyrighted matter and pictures used by the author. It is the responsibility of the author to get authorization for the use of any copyrighted stuffs.
  • We uphold the law of our nation and the content should not violate it diginity at any cost.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book.

While an ISBN is not required to publish a book, it is a good idea to get one for your book, specially if you want to sell it through traditional  book distribution channels.  This unique number will help  book stores  to have an efficient storage and retrieval system. For selling it through xpresspublications.com or Poetriesonline.com, you do not need to have an ISBN.

We will try to get an ISBN Code for your book, if it is really required.

For queries please write to