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International English Poetry Competition_2014

The art of writing poetry is an enjoyable state of finding happiness by thinking beyond and soulfully expressing it. Understanding this creative urge and the need to seamlessly share ideas in the form of poems with like-minded individuals, over the years, www.poiesisonline.com, has emerged as a unique blend of talented poets from all over the world gifting back poems to the world in the form of much loved international anthologies.

To promote poetry world-wide, to find the best poets and to reward and honor the winners for their poetic contribution, we conduct this international poetry competition every year. We are glad that our effort in this regard is really identifying the wonderful poets of our time. We invite the co-operation of the poets from all over the world to join us in the mission and also to participate in this annual English poetry competition.

Present Status - Closed ( Competition is over for the year 2014 )

No. of entries per poet: 1 (only one)

Length of the poem: Maximum 25 lines ( excluding the title) ( A title is mandatory )

Poem - It should be original and unpublished (though you can make an entry with an already published poem in the social networking sites and groups, if required)

Theme - The entries can be based on any theme.

Cut-off date for mailing your poems: Jan,15th 2014.

Kindly attach your well edited, very best poem in a file in the MS-Word format and give your name as file name. Kindly do not paste your poem in the mail body. You can give a short description about your poem, any ‘special local words’ in not more than 7 lines.

Prizes and Award
The prestigious Rabindranath Tagore Award – International in a beautiful framed memento by xpresspublications.com
Award winner - Cash Prize of Rs. 5000/- INR (Rupees Five Thousand Only)

Outstanding Poets of the year award – 2014
2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th winning positions of the Rabindranath Tagore Award poets will be given 'Outstanding Poet of the Year Certificate' by www.poiesisonline.com and will be published in our website to honor their talent in poetry.

Distribution of the Award
Awards will be distributed on the occasion of our proposed 5th National Poets Meet
(Venue/Date not yet decided).

Judging Panel – 2014
Right now the composition of the jury panel is kept very confidential. The list of jury panel (3 juries) will be announced after completion of the evaluation and before the announcement of the 2014 Award.

Entry Fee
Indian participant's entry fee : 200 INR.
International participant's entry fee : 3 USD .

Submitting Poems, Queries, Registration
For sending your poems and for any queries related to making payment and for account details,
mail to publishatxpress@gmail.com
with a subject line RBT AWARD – 2014 (This will be very helpful for us to sort out the mails)

Best Regards,
Gopakumar Radhakrishnan
Founder, Managing Editor
www.poiesisonline.com & www.xpresspublications.com