Goa - National Poets & Writers Meet - 2019

Goa ( Vasco Da Gama ) - 10th National Poets and Writers Meet - Report
Beloved Muses and Dearest Friends,
Why it rained?
While going to Colva via Maria Hall, the Cab driver told us that it rained for the first time in Goa this year i.e. 23rd night around 10 pm. Why it rained all of a sudden when we reached Madgaon railway station…? Probably the reasons can be many …but what I felt was is like a grand ‘welcome-shower’ from the heavens, that we are there for celebrating the heavens mission called poetry and literature in this historic land of various cultures. Yes, the soul says, it was a great pleasing sign and a majestic welcome…
The Turbulent times
Deep felt gratitude from the bottom of the soul for the blessings showered, roses sent and for mailing the wishes as messages. It was turbulent till the day of the meet as setbacks and disappointments came on one after the other. Lot of friends, in spite of their sincere wish to join us at Goa were not able to attend the event due to many personal and official reasons. The first shock came to me as a whatsup message with a picture of fractured leg in full length bandage due to a bike accident caused to our Chief Guest Dushyant Nimavat Sir. He was eager to meet all of us and I know that his journey was really very well planned. Then as a message from Mrs.@Swati Gangopadhyay that Avik sir has been hospitalized due to some serious health issues that will restrict him to travel for few days. This has literally shaken me as I was relying on him for many things; we were in continuous touch and were keeping things updated till the last moment. His beautiful short story collection “Love in Seista” was also getting released in the meet. So the ship was amidst the turbulent tides and chaotic times.
Friends as Angels
Angels come in the form of friends to save us from the far off places to give us a hand, to make us very cool with a can of chilled beer and to place their hands on the shoulder saying that I am with you man. Shams, my friend from Bangladesh who was our International Guest also, was with us throughout till the last moment to see off me and family. I am grateful to him forever for his presence and for the gifts given to us.
Jernail Anandh sir, Ravi Ranganathan sir and brother Rajbabu Gandham, were there as veteran members to shoulder the task and the Dias. Their immense experiences made the whole process so beautiful that we have never felt any gaps in it. I am very thankful to payal agarwal, from Povorim, Goa who had joined us before at Bangalore and Gujarat. We appreciate her committed efforts and all the help done. We have also seen many new poets/writes joining us in the meet from Goa, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, New Delhi, Gujarat, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bangladesh.

Writers have expressed well about what writing is all about to them.
I am grateful to my wife Sonu, who was helping me and my children for each and everything in the process before and after the meet. I thank my children Nivedia, Nirmalia and Niramay, who came and made it more beautiful with their dances, prayer songs and involvement in other activities of the meet. I understand that have they joined us not only as my children but as performing artists with their own talents to make all of us glad.

Prayers in various languages has lingered throughout to make it more auspicious.
The Moments of Birth
We witnessed the birth of few profound collections in the meet and these books will be available within this week itself online.
Ballads and Bards – An anthology of songs and ballads
Stars, Sky and Poiesis – An anthology for children – 3rd collection of the ‘Let them recite series’
Love in Seista – Short Story Collection by Avik Gangopadhyay
Perimeter – Poetry Collection by Shams Monower, Bangladesh
The New Beginning – Poetry Collection by Samir Kumar Hui (Dr. Samir Kumar Hui, Odisha)
Shored Fragments – Poetry Collection by Geetha Nair G (Prof. Geetha Nair G.)
And two other collections published by other publishing houses
Voices of the Void – Poetry Collection by Jernail S Aanand (Dr. Jernail Aanand)
"The fragrance of nature and love" – Collection by Manoj Krishnan
Gratitude to the winners
My gratitude to all poets and their accompanied family members, this has made it a homely affair. Perhaps many of them really felt what poetry is all about and got initiated into it. Thanks to the participated winners of the Rabindranath Tagore Award and the Bharat Award. We were so glad to have them in the meet and honor them for their merits.
In the fond remembrance of GopalaKrishna Panicker

Gopalakrishna Panicker
We are glad to share that the prize money of 2019 Bharat Award ( Rs. 5000/-) was sponsored by Sujatha Gopal (Dr. Sujatha Gopal) in the fond memory of her late father Gopala Krishna Panicker.

Gopalakrishna Panicker : ‘Had a brief stint in army post which served the erstwhile AP in the election department as a gazette officer. His flair for English was his forte and won him admiration and accolades from his superiors.’

For me, this is a 'thank you' to a young man who is striving hard to give literature its due recognition. The fact that it connects me to my roots as well is the bonus! Wishing the event a very great success!
We admire Dr. Sujatha Gopal for this great support offered and also we remember our past sponsors of the contest in this wonderful moment. We are always grateful for it.
We are yet to share the cash prize of the winners of the Tagore and Bharat Award and will be doing the online transfer to the winners soon
The Chanting Bards Contest - 2019
Chanting Bards recitation contest was really wonderful and had participation more than expected. Majority of them have improved very well in this art and this was very evident from their chanting. Our congratulations to the winners, Vyomi Malik from New Delhi, Jinju Sulaikha from Kerala and Raj Babu Gandham from Andhrapradesh, who had won first, second and third positions in the National Chanting Bard Awards and cash price of 1000, 750 and 500 Rs each as a token cash prize.
Appreciation of the Venue
We appreciate Gran Hotel La Paz , Vasco Da Gama for their professional kind of management, arrangement of the hall, delicious midday meals and for their overall care.
We are looking forward to have more participation and support from you all for our productive ventures in the time to come and in this ongoing journey of heart, head and soul.
Thanks for the support