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Hi Friends,
We accept donations and sponsorship for the promotion of our International Monthly Magazine by published by If you are willing to contribute to this 'multilingual-Multiart- Multiversity' - web magazine, which is aimed to promote the various art forms and the work of artists of all genre like poetry, paintings, book reviews, achievements, showcasing the unique talents, humanitarian works that kindles our spirits and such things that nurture our universal bonds as one world thriving in beautiful variety.

We are committed to this cause and for our involvement in the form of time and resources employed, we feel more homely, to work better with artists in an atmosphere where donations of freewill will be the most inspiring and thrilling reward to have. Yes, we have no fixed expectation in this regard, but surely, this will help us to do better and take this up to the next level as a wonderfully knitted meritorious platform for the benefits of artist of various genre.

We guess, we have initiated it well with our few initial volumes. Hopefully in the magazines to come, with your support and quality articles of various genre, we will add more glitter to this expressive platform. We feel, we have more to give back to our world.

Please feel free to submit your articles, if your article is in languages other than English, please pin in with a translation in English too.

for your suggestion and submissions mail to

Our online magazine will be released around  the15th of every month. Your entries should reach us before the late date of the every month to include in the next months magazine.

For more updates please stay connected.

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Gopakumar Radhakrishnan


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