Alien DNA - Reviews

Alien DNA - A Review by Ambika Ananth[MuseIndia]
This poetry collection is pithy and profound – it brims over with poetic expressions, emotions, feelings and beautiful thoughts which are at time surreal, at times spiritual and at times metaphysical.
Gopakumar Radhakrishnan is one such sensitive poet, that the ravishing pregnant clouds of his thoughts, shower rain of different hues of emotion, gathered from the mysterious labyrinths of the psychic depths of his mind and the grain from the soil of his soul sprouts a green shoot of poem…it reverberates in his whole being, he becomes a poem himself and he bequeaths himself to people. Such lucid poems fill the pages of this book.
and moods
me like
my mates
They are
and infinite
their sparkle
and the splendor
I am
Just a
Nomadic verse
Scribbled in few words’ ( Nomadic Verse pp 52 )
The deeply felt and beautifully versified thoughts make for haunting poetry. He dreams reality anew, sees vivid mental pictures and gives voice to them.
He seems to have expressed the thoughts that agitates him, excites him or even depresses him through his poems as vividly as a sculptor can fashion out of marble or stone, figures and forms of his moods. There are poems on love, on pangs of separation, on social issues et al. He as a poet, seems to sense the spiritual and creative importance of everything, big or small, with a soulful receptivity to animate and inanimate world.
Seeing the cruel downside of society he laments –“I am helpless because I am not a God but only a poet”, and then he becomes philosophical and says “ someday my prayers will be answered, till then let me chant, ‘I am the soul ‘Aham Brahmasmi.”
The poem ‘Alien DNA’ deals with the poet’s existential sorrows, waiting for redemption and recovery through the teasing and enticing otherworldly, the alien DNA. He wonders how human beings can remain in a happy state in their limited physical frame? His quest covers the entire cosmos.
His poeticthoughts keep returning to nature, like the spring which returns every year with soft foot-steps to the yearning heart of nature.He describes himself as ‘Majnu’ the love struck one, seeking Elixir, the enchanting, ecstatic drink. He fills his poems with the nutrition of his dreams and emotions and light them as incense sticks at the altar of nature. His adoration for nature is so vividly clear in many poems that we get reminded of the adage -“Nature enhances her beauty to the eye of loving men,” so he finds ample beauty in the lap of nature when he is with nature and he is filled with feelings of reverence at his very own existence. He captures all the beauty and transforms that into lines, paying tribute to eternal entities. The intensity of the feelings expressed in his poems on nature leads one to look at nature with new eyes, with new adoration.
Gopakumar’s ‘most lived affair’ is his poetry !
Ambika Ananth, Founder Editor, Editor-Poetry, www.muse