5th Rabindranath Tagore Award - 2016

5th Rabindranath Tagore Award Winner

Rajdeep Chowdhury,
Chinsurah, West Bengal, India

Prize : Rabindranath Tagore Award Memento
Cash Award of 5000 INR

Jury Comments

“Tsunami Aftermath” is a reflection about human life, subsequently it is about human sense and sensibility. It comprises seven stanzas that cover human destiny, innocence, human fraternity, pain and plea, fear death, conspiracy, destruction and more than that. It is an exploration and examination of inner consciousness of human mind. It is introspective in nature.

The poem is a strong foundation of poetic creativity of the poet, who mounts up the moments from the varied sources. His line of thought releases the concrete ideas. His perception about life is pulsating as well as bravura. He picks and chooses much needed boost from the society. He is hypnotized by his surroundings.

The poet here mirrors his ideas through the tsunami in his mind. In another words, it is a seismic shift. He employs his verse to proliferate his priceless occurrences in the present world against the backdrop of globalization, privatization and marketing.

Jury: SS Kanade ( Shivputra Kanade) [ Maharashtra, India]

One is drawn to Rajdeep's poem because it affects humanity as a whole by unveiling the dreadful Tsunami among the scary disasters which confront the world and the way to attend to its shocks and aftershocks; subtly advancing the idea for countries to extend a helping hands to one another in the event of these occurrences by providing aids to the displaced and dispersed and also opening arms to receive them as brothers and sisters rather than closing their borders tight on them.

He impresses on the mind of humanity of these dangers which lurk around us, as part of nature's plan and perhaps, learn to live with them accordingly. And besides, should honor brave who might have sacrificed their lives to save others; but not forgetting to console the left-behind and displaced who are left with no homes to shelter their dreams but who silently weeps over their bizarre fate. In all, he draws our attention to Tsunami as an act of God and must be ready to embrace it as to when it come, so as not to be hurt beyond repair and learn to carry on with our life. Perhaps, emphasizing the ageless axiom that man must sometimes be
burned so as to rise up stronger like the Phoenix.

Jury : Adjei Agyei-Baah [Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana]

This poem "Tsunami Aftermath", was presented with the feelings in words of the actual events. The reader was able to feel the emotions of the effects left behind in the written words.

This poem is worthy of the award, because the initial lines introduced the cheer of the season, followed by the negative effect of nature and it’s cruelty.

The poem was full of expression.

I found that the poem expressed the way the world as a whole rallied round to provide aid to those who had been affected by the disaster.

All of the poetry in this contest has been of an exceptional standard.

Jury : Olivia Kent,Dorset, United Kingdom

Tsunami Aftermath,
This winning poem is the one we all normally don't prefer to read or experience because of its gigantic waves of total destruction. But irrespective of whether we like it or not, we allow it or not, some waves of inevitable nature will sway our life for the good or bad.

Human helplessness, the sudden tragic effects of calamities on our values, constructed belief systems, our accumulations and so on are captured well in the poem. The high beaming waves without any kind of mercy to anyone is the crux of this shaking verse. The continuing fearful effects are captured well when the poet quote like this

'The effects are countless and the affected counted for their misfortune'

These devastating waves have surged the core of mankind, inflicting wounds with perpetual scars,

The flourish of fatality soared high, as tears tinkled amid the peeping stars.'

These lines are highly poetic and philosophical....

A line of hope goes like this

'Memoirs of Tsunami is one that calls for instantaneous acceptance of unanimous submission'

We are reminded of our connectivity and its bonding spiritual elements.

A great work of mixed and sweeping emotions painfully chiselled with good vocab. and imagery...

Founder: Rabindranath Tagore Award : Gopakumar Radhakrishnan